Please click the link  to view our School Meal Menu for the Summer Term 2018 and onwards into the Autumn Term.   (sorry - technology problems as at 02 July mean the Menu is temporarily unavailable.  Our technology elf is working hard to resolve these: meanwhile  could we please ask you to be in touch with us for Menu details?  Thank you).  As an addition to our daily menu choices, there is always the option to order a freshly cooked jacket potato should your child prefer, complete with a choice of filling.   Our meals cost £2.20 each, and each one includes a main meal, pudding and drink all freshly prepared and cooked on-site by our Kitchen Manager, Amanda Algar, and Kitchen Assistant, Andrea Plows.   

From September 2014, we have been pleased to be able to offer free school meals to all children in our Reception, Year One or Year Two year groups as part of a Government funded initiative, the Universal Free School Meal Scheme.  Please contact us if you are unsure whether or not your child will be eligible.