Dear Families,  

We are pleased and excited to be able to let you know that at the end of the Federation Consultation at Midday on Monday, governors from both schools met later in the day to discuss the next steps for both Langtree Community School and Bishops Tawton Primary School.  They discussed feedback they had received, including a very positive letter from Dawn Stabb (Head of Education and Learning, Devon County Council) and comments from parents who attended the consultation meetings.  Governors from both schools voted unanimously to continue the Federation process and for them to join to form the 'Two Rivers Federation' from 26 April 2022, securing continued benefits for both schools, for staff and not least all the children, into the future.   


Although there will be few visible changes immediately, as the Summer Term will be used to make sure the structure and purpose of the schools becomes aligned ready for the new academic year, it does mean a new governing board will be steering both schools.  Some existing governors were elected on the newly formed Board, others have seen Federation as an opportunity to stand-down. We now have vacancies for two Parent Governors and one staff governor for the Federation. We will circulate more details about these during the next few days.  


Meanwhile, we would like to thank everyone for the positive support that has been shown for the Federation process, for the interest staff and families have demonstrated, and for the confidence instilled into the future of both schools.  


Melanie Smallwood, Executive Head Teacher/Peter Ong, Chair of Governors/Kaye French, Vice-Chair of Governors

Federation Consultation



Parents Consultation Letter 


Stake holders Consultation Letter


There is a Federation Consultation Process

The Governors of both the schools involved have set up a consultation process to seek the views of parents, staff, the community, the local authority, and other key partners.  The consultation process will last 6 school weeks, starting from 28th February 2022. Governors would welcome your views and comments and invite you to attend one or more of the following meetings:


  • Tuesday 8th March between 5pm and 7pm at Bishops Tawton Primary School


  • Thursday 10th March between 5.30pm and 7.30pm at Langtree Community School.

Please see PowerPoint Presentation. 

If you are unable to attend any of the above meetings and would like to discuss federation further please contact the respective school and a further information sharing meeting may be arranged.


Written responses should be addressed to ‘The Chair of Governors’ of your school and must be received by Friday 08 April.  A box for written responses will be provided in each school. You can also share your comments via email to either: or


It is the Governors who will make the final decision, drawing upon a broad evidence base including the views of parents. Each governing board from each school considering federation takes its own decision. As with any governing board decision this is a simple majority taken at a meeting of the full governing board.


We look forward to hearing from you and will, of course, keep you fully informed regarding our final decision in April.