Wellbeing: Looking After Everyone!


Wellbeing at Langtree Community School

We all have times when we have low Mental Wellbeing, where we feel stressed, upset or find it difficult to cope. 

The wellbeing of our pupils, staff and families is a top priority for our School, and we provide support and guidance to all who need it. We encourage an open and honest culture where we listen to each other and feel comfortable speaking openly about our mental health and wellbeing.

What is wellbeing?
Wellbeing is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.” However, it is important to realise that
wellbeing is a much broader concept than moment-to-moment happiness. While it does include happiness, it also includes other things, such as how
satisfied people are with their life as a whole, their sense of purpose, and how in control they feel 1 .

Our School is constantly working to support our three key communities of pupils, staff and families. We have a School Wellbeing Action Plan, which
enables us to monitor, evaluate and review our School community wellbeing, and ensure that the School is supporting, resourcing and enabling wellbeing.

1 Reference: Mentalhealth.org.uk, 13 May 2021

Everyone deserves to feel good and there are steps you or your child can take to maintain and improve your Mental Wellbeing:
● Build positive relationships.
● Take time for yourself.
● Look after your mental health.
● Look after your physical health

What can your child do in school to gain Mental Wellbeing?

● Be open and talk about your feelings with your friends.
● Associate yourself with positive people.
● Join an afterschool club.
● Speak to a member of staff.
● Tell the Safeguarding and Wellbeing Team.
● Get physically active (a healthy body and mind are closely linked).

If you have any questions about our work in Wellbeing please get in touch with our Wellbeing Leads:
Staff Wellbeing Lead: Miss Sarah Wildern
Governor Wellbeing Lead: Mrs Ruth Gilbert

Useful Links:
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Support for families:
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