Visiting the School

Prospective parents, carers and children are very welcome, and are encouraged, to come and look around the school on any school day. Please contact us to make arrangements.


Admission to the Nursery

Children begin to attend our Foundation Stage Unit the term after they are three years old, although under certain circumstances it may be earlier. Parents are encouraged to stay with them to settle in at first. Occasionally there is more demand for places than we have available.  In these cases, we always refer to the County’s oversubscription criteria which is available on request.  Our current capacity is thirty children, with up to eighteen places available for Nursery children.  We endeavour to work with parents about ways in which we can offer the free early learning entitlement more flexibly - please ask us for up-to-date details about these. Since we founded our Foundation Stage Unit, children have much more opportunity to familiarise themselves with their teachers and new surroundings.   Please ask us for more details, or come and visit to see for yourself how this important first-step works here at Langtree Community School.  


Admission to the School

Here, also, we follow the County Council’s Policy on admissions, namely that children can be admitted to start full-time schooling in the September following their fourth birthday., and must be in full-time education by the start of the term following their fifth birthday.   Full details are available from the school or from the School’s Admission Team, at County Hall, Exeter.  For guidance about either normal round admissions (when children start at a school at the earliest possible time for that school) or in-year admissions (when children start at a school at any time other than the normal round - for example, if you are moving house and would like your child to change schools) please contact them direct on 0345 155 1019.  Click the link for more information about admissions:


 Our Admissions Policy and Over Subscription Policy is available on request.

These Policies may be used if demand for places exceeds the number of spaces available.  Currently, our Planned Admission Number for each year group is twelve pupils.  We may also be obliged to take into account guidance issued by central government (DfES) in relation to, for example, the size of Key Stage One classes. Should admission have to be refused, for any reason, we can let you have information to help you appeal against the Admission Team’s decision.