School Meals Update   Following several months of providing take-away style meals in boxes and eating in our classrooms, we were very pleased to be able to fully reopen our School Kitchen on Monday 08 March and serve freshly prepared meals, across two sittings in our School Hall, during lunchtimes.  Our Kitchen Manager, Amanda,  has been able to offer the full-range of tempting dishes following the Devon Norse Menu, which always includes a main meal and pudding at a cost of £2.20.  Please click the link below to see what she will be busy cooking for us during the Summer Term 2021.  

Please don't forget our Kitchen Manager, Amanda, is always available to answer questions or queries about school meals, their content or specific allergies. Thank you to everyone who supports our school meal service - they're delicious!                                              

Please remember to bring a drink from home to make sure lunches are even more enjoyable!  As always, please be in touch with us if you have a question or query related to school meals:  T:  (01805) 601354 or E: 

Cost/payment:  school meals cost £2.20 each.  All payment is now requested to be made online using our '+Pay' payments app, part of our ParentMail messaging service, to avoid parents or staff handling cash.  Please be in touch with the School Office for more details about how to do this. 

From September 2014, we have been pleased to be able to offer free school meals to all children in our Reception, Year One or Year Two year groups as part of a Government funded initiative, the Universal Free School Meal Scheme.  Please contact us if you are unsure whether or not your child will be eligible.