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Class 1


A fabulous start to the week. The children have worked incredibly hard in their writing based on our current text. They have written some super independent writing, including consistent use of capital letters, full stops, adjectives and they are all working hard to ensure their work makes sense.

The children did some amazing investigating when beginning our topic about explorers. They studied an image of Christopher Columbus, made observations about when might have lived, if he was he rich or poor and also what he might have done for a job. The children will continue to learn about Columbus and then compare the lives of both past and present-day explorers of the world.


The children had a great first day back, writing, drawing and painting all about their holiday adventures.

We are moving on to a fiction text in English called Mrs Armitage and the bog wave. The children will continue to explore and practise how to add detail into their writing and how to read and edit their work to ensure it makes sense.

We will be learning about explorers for History this term, revisiting knowledge about continents and countries across the world and finding out how and why certain explorers have gone down in the history books.


Easter holidays are fast approaching.

The children have worked exceptionally hard in all areas of their learning, from adding description to their fiction writing through the use of adjectives to reading and interpreting reasoning questions in maths to solve problems.

After Easter we will be continuing our work on calculation, this time with larger numbers and linking to a context such as money and measure. The children will be learning to tell the time and also to find simple fractions.

In Science, our new topic will be plants so hopefully (fingers crossed) we get the chance to explore and use the school garden.


We have begun our new English text this week which is a non-fiction book called ‘This is how we do it’ by Tim Lamothe. It is all about the lives of 7 children across the world; from their names, families and schools to traditional foods, clothing and homes. Class 1 will be basing their writing on the same format and writing all about themselves.


In maths, we are revisiting work on counting and place value. Year 1 are looking at writing and the position of numbers to 100 and Year 2 are looking at how the place value of numbers changes when increasing and decreasing by multiples of 10.


In Science this week, the children have been exploring the features of animals and recognising what makes a mammal a mammal. Year 2 have looked in detail at different types of animals and the way in which they have offspring.


For Geography, we have been exploring how climate differs across the world and how people in Australia celebrate at Christmas compared to us in the UK.

All the children have been working hard on their independent writing, focussing on capital letters, full stops, adjectives to describe and adverbs (Y2) All of Class 1 understand and are confident in thinking, saying, writing and reading their own work.


A fantastic world book day, the children had a wonderful time showing their dressing up outfits and taking part in lots of fun, book related activities.


In maths, we are revisiting and building on our understanding of number bonds and how these help us to solve a range of different problems. Year 1 are working on counting and writing numbers to 100 and year 2 are using known facts and place value to count on and back in 10s from any number under 100.


We have a very exciting visitor in today to talk to us and show a range of minibeasts and reptiles. They will revisit previous learning from our last topic on Living Things and their Habitats and then do some follow up work about what they experienced and any new learning. Pictures will be on the website in due course.


We have begun our new topic for Science about animals including humans. The children will be learning how to classify animals, how humans and animals grow and also how to keep healthy.


In maths, all children are working on measure, specifically capacity. We have begun exploring the language involved with volume, as well as how to use equipment to find the capacity of different containers.


In English, the children have been exploring the use of adjectives and adverbs to make their writing more interesting. Over the next few days they will then be using these grammar skills within their Little Red Riding hood story.

We have had begun learning about the difference between weather and climate and learnt how weather is measured. The children had a great time making wind socks and precipitation cups to measure the weather at school over the next few weeks.


The children have thoroughly enjoyed creating their planet Earths over the last 2 weeks. They can explain the location of the UK and Australia, what the equator is and why it is there and the different climates for each country.

In English, we are now moving on to traditional tales and will be writing a version of Little Red Riding Hood. Year 1 will be concentrating on following a story plot and ensuring their work makes sense. Year 2 will be making small changes to their stories and then writing their own versions.


The children are having a fantastic time learning all about the UK and Australia and what it is like to live on the other side of the world. We have written about weather and kangaroos in English, learnt about where it is in the world for Geography and we are currently exploring why Australia has different weather and seasons by learning about the sun and the equator.

The children have created aboriginal art and even begun making their own Planet Earth.


We are now fully immersed in research for our non-fiction text. We are linking our learning to topic and collecting information about Australia; focussing on weather and also animals for our class writing.

The children have been using non-fiction texts to find the relevant information and then using this to inform our class text.

In maths, we have been looking at numbers to 30, 40 then 50 for year one and understanding the place value of 2 digit numbers. Year 2 have been recognising the value of coins and notes for money and then adding to find the total.

Science has been an exploration of materials and their properties. We have been describing and sorting based on different criteria as well as looking at natural  and man-made materials.


Welcome back to all the children.

We started the year with independent writing all about the children’s Christmas adventures. They all sound like they had a fantastic time.

We have now started a new text for English all about Hot and Cold. The children have been exploring the difference between fiction and non-fiction and also looking at the features of a range of non-fiction texts. We will begin planning our own text in the next few days.

In maths, we are finishing our block on shape and space with a focus on describing 2D and 3D shapes and sorting them. Year 2 have experimented with mirrors and finding vertical lines of symmetry.