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Class 1


The children have thoroughly enjoyed creating their planet Earths over the last 2 weeks. They can explain the location of the UK and Australia, what the equator is and why it is there and the different climates for each country.

In English, we are now moving on to traditional tales and will be writing a version of Little Red Riding Hood. Year 1 will be concentrating on following a story plot and ensuring their work makes sense. Year 2 will be making small changes to their stories and then writing their own versions.


The children are having a fantastic time learning all about the UK and Australia and what it is like to live on the other side of the world. We have written about weather and kangaroos in English, learnt about where it is in the world for Geography and we are currently exploring why Australia has different weather and seasons by learning about the sun and the equator.

The children have created aboriginal art and even begun making their own Planet Earth.


We are now fully immersed in research for our non-fiction text. We are linking our learning to topic and collecting information about Australia; focussing on weather and also animals for our class writing.

The children have been using non-fiction texts to find the relevant information and then using this to inform our class text.

In maths, we have been looking at numbers to 30, 40 then 50 for year one and understanding the place value of 2 digit numbers. Year 2 have been recognising the value of coins and notes for money and then adding to find the total.

Science has been an exploration of materials and their properties. We have been describing and sorting based on different criteria as well as looking at natural  and man-made materials.


Welcome back to all the children.

We started the year with independent writing all about the children’s Christmas adventures. They all sound like they had a fantastic time.

We have now started a new text for English all about Hot and Cold. The children have been exploring the difference between fiction and non-fiction and also looking at the features of a range of non-fiction texts. We will begin planning our own text in the next few days.

In maths, we are finishing our block on shape and space with a focus on describing 2D and 3D shapes and sorting them. Year 2 have experimented with mirrors and finding vertical lines of symmetry.