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Class 1 Summer Term

Class 1 – 11th July 2023 

 The end of term is fast approaching but we are still hard at work in Class 1. The children are thoroughly enjoying our topic on Explorers. We have learnt about explorers from the past and present and the impact that their discoveries have had on humans and the world itself.  

Our new book for English is hilarious and the children are very much looking forward to writing their own stories about a disgusting food item.  

4th July 2023

What amazing writers we have in class 1. Their adventure stories are super and they should all be proud of themselves. 

We are moving on this week to a story full of humour where a hungry badger is on the hunt for some food.  

In maths, we are focussing again on addition and subtraction and really mastering the skill of calculating but also reasoning and solving problems in through a variety of contexts such as money and measure.  


The home learning tasks below are ONGOING. The children need to complete 1 OR BOTH but they need to try and do 1.  

I have included one which can be done more independently and one which may need a little adult support. 

WB 12th June

Summer has finally arrived!

Well done to all that took part in the reading challenge and also completed one or more of the home learning projects. It has been great seeing and hearing all about how they created their inventions and also seeing the progress of their plants growing. Keep them coming in. New projects will start next Tuesday.

WB 22nd May 2023

To celebrate and encourage reading of different texts, we are holding a sponsored read to raise money to purchase some up to date newly released children’s books for each class. These will be books that the children can choose to read themselves either in school or to bring home to read. Your child will bring home a reading challenge and sponsor form before the half term holiday. There will be 3 weeks to complete the challenge before sponsor forms are collected in on Monday 12th June. The teachers will talk to the children about this.

Week beginning 8.5.23

What a weekend! Its been great to hear all about the exciting things the children have done during our next bank holiday weekend; from picnics, and parties to fairs and carnivals.

This next few weeks, in class 1, we will be focussing on creating an extended piece of writing where we take Mrs Armitage on another surfing adventure. In math's, Year 2 are continuing to look at data including tallies and pictograms and Year 1 are exploring coins, notes and the total money they have spent.


A fabulous start to the week. The children have worked incredibly hard in their writing based on our current text. They have written some super independent writing, including consistent use of capital letters, full stops, adjectives and they are all working hard to ensure their work makes sense.

The children did some amazing investigating when beginning our topic about explorers. They studied an image of Christopher Columbus, made observations about when might have lived, if he was he rich or poor and also what he might have done for a job. The children will continue to learn about Columbus and then compare the lives of both past and present-day explorers of the world.