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Class F Summer Term


Our theme this half term is ‘The Sea’ and this week we have:


  • Looked at the non-fiction book ‘A Shark’s Story’.  We discussed the features that non-fiction books have. We are going to create our own book about sharks and have started to write our own sentences.
  • For RE this week, the children were asked to bring in their ‘special’ story books, we enjoyed looking at, reading and talking about why they were special books. If your child has not shared their book yet, they can still bring it in to share.



In phonics, we have been learning our Phase 4 tricky words. This week we have learnt the words one, when, out and what. We have read captions using these tricky words and wrote our own captions. In maths, the children have been learning about doubles by thinking about ladybirds and their spots. We also wrote number sentences to show what we could see.


In phonics, the children’s learning is based around the book ‘The Missing Button’. The children have been identifying rhyming pairs using picture card matching and then trying to think of their own rhyming word to add e.g. cat/hat/rat. In maths the children have been thinking about measurement and what the words shortest and tallest mean.


What we have been learning:

  • We have continued to look at the story Handa’s surprise and had a think about the fruit and where it grows within this story.
  • We thought about how to write our own instructions and prepare some of the fruit within the story to try.
  • We continued our journey as Sunflower detectives and had a look at when and where sunflowers grow, before checking on our experiment sunflowers and how/if no water, no air, and no light is affecting healthy growth.
  • In our PSHE learning, we talked about how babies need our help to do most things and that we need to be gentle with them. We passed ‘Annabelle’ around our circle and held her gently before carefully passing her to the next person.
  • In our ‘equipment handling’ PE session we used balls in various ways and then used a racket with our ball.
  • We have begun to think about growing in other countries, and how the fruit that may grow there is different to the fruit that we can grow in the United Kingdom. We have been talking about climate and the affect this has on growth.
  • In our Jigsaw PSHE learning, we looked at kind and unkind words. We put the kind words in a sparkly box and the unkind words in a bin. We talked about how unkind words can’t be unsaid once we have said them. This was demonstrated by squirting shaving foam out of the can. Once it is squirted out of the can, we can’t put it back in.
  • In our ‘equipment handling’ PE session we used balls, we practised catching the balls, travelling around the space with them, passing them to friends and kicking them carefully.


In phonics, we are recapping phase 3 sounds that the children need to revise. We have looked at ow, er, ee, oo and ng this week. In maths, the children have been thinking about the numbers 12, 13 and 14. We looked at how these numbers are different to each other and made these numbers with numicon and tens frames.


In phonics, the children’s learning is based around their book ‘Nature Shapes’. The children have been making sound shakers using shells, and exploring loud and quiet sounds. In maths the children have been continuing to look at shapes and have begun to look at ‘fat’ shapes, such as our 3D cylinder and cone.


What we have been learning:

  • We discussed the King’s Coronation and what this event is. We made our own crowns and decorated them with paint and glitter!
  • Celebrated the King’s Coronation with a street party and performed our song and dance
  • In our Jigsaw PSHE learning, we read the book ‘The Squirrels Who Squabbled’ and talked about what we could do if we have a fall out with a friend or family member
  • In our ‘equipment handling’ PE session, we used bean bags and rackets
  • We have continued our journey to becoming ‘Sunflower experts’ and created some beautiful artwork by taking inspirations from other artists and using a range of media.

This week we have continued our learning around the topic ‘Growing’ and we have:

  • Been exploring flowers within our immediate environment. We have picked them, used our senses to investigate and carefully drawn and painted pictures of them.
  • We have continued to look after at our ‘Beans’ and our ‘Sunflowers’ by making sure that we take good care of them and provide them with what they need to grow healthily.
  • We have also begun to think about the King’s coronation, practicing our dance for our ‘Street Party’ and making Crowns.

We have also:

  • Had our ‘equipment handling’ big PE session using hoops
  • Made fingerprint paintings in our RE learning thinking about how we are all unique