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Class 1 Autumn Term 2023

20th September 2023
Wow! What an amazing first few weeks we have had. The children have settled into the new routine and work brilliantly and are enjoying each new topic.
In English, we have been exploring our story path text and taking our octopus, witch or leopard on an adventure through settings like a spooky wood filled with bats, or a slimy swamp infested with angry alligators. We have focused on how to create descriptive sentences using adjectives as well as the use of our senses. Next, we will be planning our full journey and writing our class story. 
In Maths, we are revisiting and deepening our understanding of number and place value. Year 1 are working on numbers to 50; reading, writing and ordering them. We have also been looking at one more and one less. Year 2 are developing their knowledge of place value of numbers to 100, showing their value using a range of resources and explaining how they know. 
We had an interesting letter left for us in class 1 from 'little mouse' He was keen to find out what the children do when they go home from school and the activities which they take part in.
This is the beginning of our topic about 'Then and Now' for History. The children begin by learning about things which are happening now and this then develops into learning about how things happened in the past - an hour ago, week ago, years ago and before they were born.