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Class 2 Autumn Term 2023

Week beginning 6th December 2023

In English, Class 2 have been using adverbials of time to chronologically write the order of Mog’s Christmas Calamity. Year 4 explored varying their adverbials in their sentences, and correctly punctuating when using a fronted adverbial. 


IMath's, Class 2 have begun their shape sequence. Year 3 have been identifying a range of 2D shapes and describing sides and edges. Year 4 have been identifying vertices, angles and sides of 2D and 3D shapes.  


In Design and Technology, Class 2 have been finishing their Viking Longboats by measuring their oars and cutting their dowel wood to their chosen lengths.  

Week beginning 28th November 2023

In English, Class 2 have begun their new writing sequence which uses the Sainsburys advent ‘Mogs Christmas Calamity’ for inspiration. Class 2 enjoyed ordering the sequence of events that leads to Mog accidentally destroying the Christmas plans.  

In Maths, Class 2 have been adding and calculating change. Year 3 have been subtracting and calculating within £1. Year 4 have been adding and calculating within £100. 

In Art, children have designed their own print inspired by Anglo-Saxon and Viking patterns. They explored the idea of a print being a repeated pattern. 

Week beginning 22nd November 2023

In English, Class 2 have been completing writing their explanations of their sleigh designs. They are writing detailed explanations using technical language, prepositions, and conjunctions.  

In Maths, Class 2 have begun measurement. Year 3 has been making amounts of money using different coins. Year 4 has been converting between pence and pounds. 

In Science, Class 2 investigated a range of materials to test whether they conduct or insulate electricity. The children made predictions first and then tested the different materials.