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Our Football team played in their final two matches of the league against Shebbear and Monkleigh. They became more confident as the matches went on and worked hard throughout the games and secured a win in their final match against Monkleigh. Well done to everyone who played. 
March 2023
Our school Football team kicked off with a good result in their first match in the 5 a side Football League. 
They played against Bradworthy School and came away with a draw.
The players played with such determination and are looking forward to their next match against Shebear Primary School. 
Class Two have been enjoying taking part in their new topic in PE - Invasion games. 
They have been developing their attacking and defending skills when playing Bee Netball.
They are looking forward to using their skills in other Invasion games such as Dodgeball and Tag Rugby. 
February 2023
Well done our Year 5 and 6 Football team who competed in a 6 a side Football competition at GTS. Throughout the morning the team grew in confidence and played great Football against the other teams in the learning community. 
January 2023
Congratulations to our Year 5 and 6 Bee Netball team who competed in the GTS Bee Netball Tournament. They played with passion and determination and won the festival. The team progresses to the North Devon Netball Finals in Barnstaple in March. Well done Team Langtree. 
Autumn 2022
KS2 came together to compete in a Intra Athletics competition. They were split into teams and competed in a range of running, throwing and jumping events. They recorded their times and distances and Gold, silver and Bronze medals were given to children in each event in each year group. We made a medal table and worked out which team were the winners. 
KS1 Multi Skills Festival
KS1 had a great time at the Multi skills Festival at GTS. The young sport leaders introduced a range of games and activities for the children to take part in. The children had a go at running, throwing and ball handling activities. Well Done Class One 
Indoor Athletic Competition 
Well done to our athletic team that travelled to GTS to take part in an Indoor Athletic Competition against other schools in our learning community. 
The team took part in a range of events and competed with determination and passion. 
Well done to Girls team 1 who came first in the 1 lap run and congratulations to Team Langtree who placed 3rd overall. 
November 2022
Well Done to everyone who competed in the Bee Netball League. The teams played against other schools in our learning community. Well Done Team Langtree who came 2nd place in the League.
April 2023
Well done to everyone who played in our Year 5, 4 and 3 Friendly Bee Netball matches against Monkleigh Primary. It was a great opportunity for our youngest and newest members to the netball squad to play in some mini matches. Great teamwork by all.
Well Done to our young umpires who picked up the whistle and officiated the games.  
May 2023
Class Two are enjoying developing their Cricket and rounders skills in their new PE topic - Striking and fielding. 
 May 2023
A great morning at GTS playing competitive Rounders against others schools from our Learning Community.
We played lots of matches and grew in confidence as we played and came 3rd overall.
Well done  team Langtree.  
May 2023
Years 3 and 4 went to GTS to take part in a Rounders Festival. They practiced some rounders skills with the young leaders and played some mini matches against other schools.
Well done Class 2. 
June 2023 - Intra summer sports competition 
KS2 children came together in their house groups to take part in a summer team sport competition. They all played each other in a game of rounders and dodgeball and were awarded points for a win or a draw. 
Children earned stickers for showing school games values attributes - determination, passion, teamwork, self-belief, honesty and respect. 
Referees chose top batters/fielders and attackers/ dodgers from each team. 
Well done to Red Deer and Yellow Otters who were the worthy winners of the afternoon. 
June 2023
Class Two have started working on their new topic in PE - Athletics.
Over the next half term they will be practicing and developing their running, jumping and throwing skills and taking part in a range of individual or team events. Today they practiced their jumping techniques and practiced their standing and running long jumps. 
July 2023 - Sports day
Well done to everyone for competing in this years sports day.
The children competed in a range of races and events in their family group teams to earn points. All the children took part with fantastic passion and determination. 
Congratulations to Green woodpeckers who were this years winners. 
July 2023
Well done to our Year 5 and 6 Football team that competed in the North Devon Football Finals, they played against the other qualifying schools from North Devon.
As the day went on they grew in confidence and played with lots of determination.