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Class F Autumn Term 2023

27th September 2023

This week we have continued to look at the book ‘Me on the Map’. We have written letters to a school in London and visited the post van to send them. In our independent learning we’ve had the opportunity to create pictures of our local area and build our school out of different construction kits. We’ve also compared what landmarks or items we would find in Langtree compared to London and sorted them into groups. We talked about the London taxis’, the underground and how built up the area is compared to Langtree where we are surrounded by countryside and farms.


In PE we have focussed on finding a space in an area and travelling around it using different movements for example large strides, walking on our tiptoes or reaching up tall.


In music we have worked hard to find the pulse to the hip hop song ‘Hey You!’

20th September 2023
This week we have looked at a book called ‘Me on the Map’ we have discussed where we live and our local environment. We’ve looked at a variety of different maps and worked out where we live in the United Kingdom. Class F were also excited to take a walk around their local environment (school) and drew pictures of places that were special them. Later in the week we’ve looked at our capital city, London and started to look at the different landmarks that are there for example Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Tower Bridge and Big Ben. We’ve learnt that the King and Prime Minister both live in London.
13th September 2023
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This week Class F have looked at the book ‘All About Families’. We discussed what a self portrait is and have had a go at painting our own portraits in class. We have also discussed where we live and that all of our families and homes are different. For example, some people might live in a detached house, while others might live in a semi-detached house or a flat. The junk modelling has been out and we have had the opportunity in our independent learning to create our own houses. Towards the end of the week we read the ‘Colour Monster’ which introduces the idea of different feelings and we started to think about our own feelings. We made calming jars to keep us calm just like when the Colour Monster was green!