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School Uniform

Our school’s uniform -
  • Grey or black skirt/pinafore dress or grey/black trousers
  • White blouse/shirt/polo shirt or royal blue polo shirt available with school logo
  • Royal blue jumper or cardigan with a school logo
  • Royal blue gingham summer dress
  • Black shoes (not branded fashion skate shoes/trainers) 
  • White/black socks or grey/black tights
  • A pair of wellington boots (Nursery/Reception)
Optional items -
  • Royal blue fleece with school logo
  • Royal blue PE bag with school logo
  • Royal blue cap with school name
PE kit –

PE kit may be worn on the day of the PE lesson, it must reflect the standard of daily uniform and consists of:

  • Plain Black shorts/Plain Black tracksuit bottoms during the colder months
  • Royal blue PE top available with school logo or plain white T shirt
  • Royal blue Hoody during the colder months with school logo
  • Trainers (not skate shoes/fashion trainers)

Our Nursery Uniform -

All uniform items are available from age 2 upwards. We advise that the nursery children wear a red polo shirt and or jumper with school logo and have suitable clothing/shoes for outdoor/messy play

Where to purchase it

The majority of school uniform can be bought from a wide range of retailers, however branded school jumpers/cardigans can be purchased from  School Threads.

Our PE kit is also available through many ‘high street’ retailers, but branded PE tops are purchased online via School Threads.

Second hand school uniform is available through our PTA/School Office. 
A selection of aprons are provided which children can wear for art work/water play
There is a lost property tub in the foyer.
Hair must be in an appropriate/conventional style for school. It must not reflect any extreme of fashion. Unnatural hair colours are not acceptable. ‘Over-sized’ hair accessories are not permitted. Hair must not be less than grade 3. Tramlines and patterns are not acceptable for school.
Jewellery should not be worn to school other than watches. Small/plain stud earrings worn conventionally one in each ear lobe are permitted. These must be removed for PE lessons by the child. *No member of staff is allowed to remove, replace or cover jewellery.
No makeup or nail varnish/nail extensions are allowed.
No visible transfers/tattoos.