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Outdoor Learning

Class Three were very excited to be making their finished volcanoes erupt. They combined bicarbonate of soda with vinegar and food colouring to create a chemical reaction. They explored and discussed what destruction and impact a volcano could have on the landscape. 
Class Three have been creating their own volcanoes made from salt dough. They followed a recipe to create the dough and moulded the material around a small bottle to create a volcano. Over the next few weeks the class will paint their volcanoes and add natural materials to be trees and vegetation on the landscape before combining materials to create a chemical reaction and making the volcanoes erupt.....
April 2023
Class Two continued their work on rocks and soils in Outdoor learning. They had to locate cards with rocks on  around school and describe what the rocks looked like. They predicted what type of rock they had found on the cards  - igneous, metamorphic or sedimentary. 
Class Two enjoyed being creative in Outdoor learning and made ammonites from card and straws. They used collage, natural materials and paint give them colour and texture. 
April 2023
Class F enjoyed an wet Outdoor learning session making nests. They moulded a nest shape with dough and found natural materials to make their nest strong on the outside and soft on the inside for the eggs. 
April 2023 
A maths challenge for Year 5's in Outdoor learning. They worked together to locate maths clues using a map. They solved the questions and ordered the answers from smallest to largest. 
Year 5's enjoyed doing maths challenges outside using natural materials to help them with their equations. 
A cooking challenge for year 5's in Outdoor learning. The children followed a simple recipe and made some Indonesian cookies. 
Class Three continued their work on natural disasters and this week looked at tsunamis. 
They created a landscape and added water to create the sea. They increased the size of the tremors and compared the scale of destruction. The children then made mangroves to see if that would have a impact on how much destruction a tsunami would cause.  
April 2023
Class One have been working in the garden and planting lots of seeds. They planted potatoes, nasturtiums, and peas. They are looking forward to looking after the crops as they grow. 
May 2023
Class One looked at maps in their Outdoor learning session. They mapped out their journey to school on large pieces of paper and  marked  landmarks they saw along the way. 
In Outdoor learning Class three have been completing their Design and Technology work.
They have practiced simple weaving on a loom and used needles to sew basic stitches like running stitch, back stitch and cross stitch onto sewing fabric. 
June 2023
Class Two have been learning to use a needle and thread to create simple stitches on plastic mesh. The learnt how to thread a needle and make simple stitches such as running, back and cross stitch. 
The Year 6 children shared their experience of sewing and supported Class Two if they needed help. 
June 2023
Class Two have been carrying out some fieldwork and recording how much rainfall we are getting. They made their own rain gauges from plastic bottles and have recorded how much rainfall we received over a week. 
June 2023
Class One went on an animal hunt in our outdoor learning area. They worked together to sort the creatures in herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. 
July 2023
Class One were very excited to harvest the blackcurrants in the school garden. They compared the differences in the berries and we discussed which were ripe and how we knew they were ready to pick.
We used the blackcurrants to bake some delicious white chocolate and blackcurrant cookies. 
July 2023
Class 2 have been exploring ordnance survey maps. They learnt how to use a grid reference to locate a place on the map. They made they own maps and used the ordnance survey map key to create landmarks and added their own grid reference grid.